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    Try all of our signature Cleansing Clay Bars with a 4-pack that includes hand-carved mini sizes of the following:


    ACTIVATED CHARCOAL + HIBISCUS & YLANG YLANG - filled with hints of floral hibiscus and ylang ylang that are pleasing to all of the senses, and activated charcoal known to help unclog pores and remove impurities deep within the skin.


    PINK CLAY + BROWN SUGAR & FIG - filled with hints of sweet brown sugar and fig, and pink clay, which is known to improve cell renewal, resulting in supple, younger-looking skin. 


    KAOLIN CLAY + PEPPERMINT - filled with lots of stimulating peppermint oil to wake up the senses, and kaolin, a gentle clay that cleanses without irritating the skin. 


    CAMBRIAN BLUE CLAY + LAVENDER - filled with hints of lavender and Cambrian blue clay, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe sensitive skin. 


    Each box is approx. 5 oz.

    *All bars are hand-cut and sizes and weights will vary


    Essbee's soaps are made with natural, plant-based, and efficacious ingredients known for their skin-nurturing and cleansing properties. Each bar is hand-mixed, hand-poured, hand-cut, hand-packed, and handmade in small batches with lots of love. 


    Made with natural, essential ingredients (no fillers here), plant-based oils, and recyclable packaging. 


    Made without synthetic lathering agents, phthalates, preservatives, and animal testing. (We only test on humans who like having soft, radiant skin.)


    Saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, activated charcoal powder, pink clay, kaolin clay, Cambrian blue clay, natural gold mica, titanium dioxide, hibiscus and ylang ylang fragrance oil, brown sugar and fig fragrance oil, peppermint oil, and lavender essential oil.